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Did You Know

Occupiers Liability

Keeping daily/weekly/monthly logs detailing cleaning floors, clearing snow, sanding sidewalks and general maintenance can keep a business owner out of hot water if a customer or passer-by claims they were injured on your premises. Performing and demonstrating due diligence in protecting the public goes a long way in the courts to absolving you of negligence. Contact your broker to discuss occupiers liability and get tips on preventing and reporting incidents.

Homeowners Insurance

Your Homeowners insurance policy can cover your children’s belongings when they are away to attend university. Contact your broker to obtain further information on the coverages included under your policy.

Smoking & Life Insurance

If you are a smoker, incentive programs aimed at helping you quit may be available. And if you have given up smoking you can sometimes switch to a non-smoking rating with a lower life insurance premium a certain period (usually at least one year) after you quit.  Contact your broker for details.

Adequate Life Insurance Coverage

Marriage, home purchase, and birth of a child are major life milestones where you should review your life insurance to ensure you are adequately covered.  How much life insurance is enough?  Your PIB Life and Living Benefits Account Executive can help you decide.  Contact your broker to discuss what coverage is right for you.

Purchase Life Insurance Early in Life

You should purchase life insurance coverage early in life -- the younger you are the less your premiums are likely to be.  Contact a PIB Life and Living Benefits Account Executive to discuss what coverage is right for you.

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