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Did You Know

Save on Life Insurance

You can save money by paying your life insurance premiums annually, instead of setting up a monthly payment plan.  Contact your broker to review your payment options.

Liability Insurance

It is difficult to judge if you have enough liability insurance. It wasn’t that long ago that $1 million liability seemed like a lot of insurance. Today $5 million limits are more common. Court awards in Canada have topped $10 million many times over for negligent acts over the last couple of years. The best answer to the question “How much liability insurance is enough?” is to consult with your broker. Discuss your risk and exposure with your broker and select a liability coverage limit that makes sense today. And remember to review your limit on a regular basis.

Insuring Jewelry & Fine Art

Most property insurance policies have "special limits" on items like jewelry & fine art. Contact your broker to obtain further information on the coverages included under your policy and how to best insure your valued treasures.

Save with a Joint Life Insurance Policy

The premium is usually about 15% less for a Joint life insurance policy as compared to 2 single life insurance policies of the same coverage amount.  Speak with your broker about which policy type is best for your situation.

Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers insurance provides legal protection for defense costs and damages if a business decision results in a financial loss for someone else. Even if you are a volunteer member of a non profit board of directors you are personally liable for decisions made by the board. Personally liable means your assets, (home, auto, savings), are at risk in a lawsuit. Directors and Officers insurance is affordable and is a must have for anyone serving on a board of directors in any capacity. Speak to your broker to learn more.

License Plate Sticker Expiry

Your license plate sticker expires on your birth date and not at the end of the month on the sticker. This offence carries a fine and is deemed as a minor conviction for vehicle insurance rating purposes.  Protect your insurance rating by renewing your sticker on time!

How much Life Insurance?

Your life insurance should cover the cost of funeral arrangements, pay outstanding debts like mortgages, provide money for the future education costs of children, and offset the loss of income for your family. Your broker can help you determine the best amount of life insurance for your situation.

Commercial Insurance Premiums

You can positively affect your commercial insurance premiums by managing your deductibles and exposure to loss. Ask your broker to explain how to select the right deductible for your risk tolerance and provide you with loss control advice.

New Vehicle Insurance

Your existing car insurance policy extends to a new vehicle for up to 14 days from the date of delivery.

Disability Insurance

With most Disability insurance policies “Injury Only” protection is usually an option which has a lower premium. You can even buy Disability insurance against specific injuries.  And some Disability insurance polices will cover business expenses like leases and loan payments. Ask for details.

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