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Home Hardware Safety Group

Small Simple Steps to Safety.

Provincial legislation dictates every employer must have an Occupational Health and Safety policy and program in place.

Home Hardware makes it easy and affordable for Home Hardware Dealers to meet this requirement by providing you with exclusive access to the Home Hardware Safety Group.

The Home Hardware Safety Group offers Home Hardware Dealers coast-to-coast an outsourced system for managing their store’s Occupational Health and Safety Program. From Policies and Procedures through to Health and Safety Training and standardized workplace checklists, the Home Hardware Safety Group can assist you with an uncomplicated and easy to administer approach to your store’s Occupational Health and Safety Program.

When your store is safer for those working there, it’s also safer for your customers, and that can help reduce accidents and liability insurance claims – a win-win for everyone!

For information on the Occupational Health and Safety training available to Home Hardware Dealers contact
Dunk & Associates at 1-866-754-8839 and speak with Arlene.


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